Basic Material

Acceptance of Basic Materials: –
          Concrete consists of course & fine aggregate, water cement, Admixture Etc.
Course aggregate:
Sp Gr Test                                                                 – Not less then 2.6
Seave analyses                                                    – Should pass through graded material zone
Elongation                                                              – 15 % by weight
Flaky                                                                           – 15 % by weight
Any other yellow / non acceptable materials               -Not more then 3 %
(Flaky + Elongation + Any other yellow / non Acceptable materials) = 30% Maximum   
Fine Aggregate
Sp Gr Test                        – Not less then 2.5
Silt test                              – 3 to 6 % by volume
Seave test                        – Should be Zone-1 & Zone II Material
Cement test                   – grade of cement
Date of manufacturing            –
Water                                 – Ph value should not be less then 6
Manufacture test certificate    –
Local testing authority            –
Tests conducted after mixing
– Slump 55 to 75 for manual concrete
– Slump 75 to 90 for Bucket with Crain
-Slump between 90 to 110 for Pump
-Edges and corners of CA should not be visible by eyesight.
compressive strength   
-Cubes of size 150mm coasted and 7th day and 28th day strength will be  seen and documented. 
Note: – Cubes top surface to be finished as good as side faces and wile testing numbered surface should face the front, that is    person who is testing.