Top management

1) Vision  of  Company about

  1. Quality Aspects
  2.  Ascetics’ views
  3. Knowledge of project.

In order to upkeep the product standard.

2) H R Policy  : In order to maintain the good retainshan rate for effective working of the company is in need to maintain

  1. Welfare of staff
  2. Recruitment criteria 
  3. Payment commitment  

In order

3) Social status should maintain highest standards in order to maintain reputation in market  it is needed to keep the focus in

  1. Relation maintenance
  2. Commitment to time and promises.
  3. Friends circle 
4) Social Responsibility : It is now a days responsibility of the any company to maintain

  1. Funding of Social causes.
  2. Eco friendly nature
  3. Awareness of Statutory and regulatory rules

For creating  a good environment in society   

5) Documentation: Even thou our declaration of the company standards will not be sufficient, it requires the  external members certification to national and intra national standards the following steps can be maintained to upkeep in this regard

  1. Member ship of any institutions
  2. Certificates about involvement
  3. Attending coerces and doc in this regard