Quality  Assurance  is  the  term  where  we  give   guarantee  of  assured  quality  which  is  covering  acceptance  of  basic  materials,  set  procedure  for  ascertaining  the  required  results  in  production  of  product  in  totality.  To  keep  the  track  on  competence of  the  persons  deployed  on  job  in  Which  system  controls  in  all  segments to be  established ,  generally  all  these  topics  will  be     defined  in  quality  manual of  the  respective  company  now  our  duty  is to  deploy  control  and  ensure  the  same.

The company Established on 21-10-2007 at Bangalore with in order to enforce Quality management system in the Construction company (and other industries also) it dealt with. From lost 5 years it succeeded in the direction of ultimate Goal of Best possible product with optimum resources. Company establishes the control on

  1. Acceptance of incommoding materials and product conformity.
  2. Process adopted by company for completing product.
  3. Competence of the indusial put on the job.

We will take the task by dedicating our services in Minimum no of hours to said skims / projects with will cost not more then Rs 6000/- to 24000/- for a project of tune of 3Cr to 30 Cr respectively. Which includes all the three parameters said above even with conducting management review meetings at top management : recommendation of Quality manual: Internal Audit with in the system as well as arranging the  required certificate                                              I e ISO 9001 -2008

To day we are by bringing out this web page in order to inform about the System required to update the any company in order. We hope that our efforts will be fruit full.