Planning and Documentation

1) Project schedule

  1. Adherence to various meetings and adherence :as a part of communication at various level this should be a un interrupted Agenda
  2. Project monitoring: At all stages with all parameters like time man materials and finance for completion of project. 
  3. Man power and work front: In keeping the view in  Ultimate utilisation of available resources it is mandatory to keep the track
  4. Indent and in ward monitoring : In order to avoid the lapses in sequences of day to day requests for keeping system uninterrupted
2) Documentation

  1. Attendance: In order to maintain healthy discipline in system this found mandatory. 
  2. DPR updating and communication: For proper communication in various levels of system this found mandatory.  
  3. Gate entries: To controls in authenticity of incoming materials and awareness of outgoing items from project premises.
  4. Records maintenance: Records are to be preserved for a period of three years for review and audits.
3) Control on Cost property

  1. Drawing register/  Control on drawing utilisation, safe hand.: To ensure the proper use of Customer property / secrecy of the product in respect of maintaining owner ship.
  2. Schedule for Drawing receipt : for record and tracking of desired design in put from various sources.
  3. Quality of in coming met: In order to deliver the desired out put
4) Control of Consultants

  1. Registration and validation : in order to maintain company standard in updating the vendors.
  2. In put records : For updating product conformity to desired standards.
  3. In put communications: to keep the awareness in desired level.
  4. Periodic meetings and mints doc : a Process of project monitoring.
5) NC

  1. NC reg : For keeping the track of lapses in system.
  2. Timely NC closers: To keep the system in control 
  3. Root cause , CA and PA : In respect of Continual improvement of system.
6) MRM

  1. QMS aspects : In order to update to overcome lapses in Existing system.
  2. Attendance time and Venue : To update the authenticity and accountability of the Core members.
  3. Mints compelling and communication: For effective functioning of the system.