Project Execution

1) Safety.

  1. Control on working force: Leadership needed at various level in order to keep the safe working conditions
  2. Tool box meeting: To keep the awareness of working system of specific discipline in all related workers.
  3. Patrolling at site. PPE, USC,USA: In order to control of undue instances at working premises.
  4. pep talks: awareness program  and to maintain  communication in the system.
  5. Job Safe Analysis : to update the safe working culture in working premises.
  6. Preparedness  for undue inst: To keep the system alert for any eventuality.
2) Project schedule

  1. Bar chart Timely review of above: Time, workers, Funds and met: I the process of Project monitoring.
  2. Lapses and timely actions: as a corrective to update lacuna  and preventive in future dealings.
3) Met reconciliation and inventory

  1. Monthly Inventory: to keep the track of dead stock.
  2. Surplus met statement and further action: in order to optimum utilisation of available resources.
  3. Control on in ward and Time to consume: Optimum utilisation of project funding.
4) Project Administration:  In order to maintain a good QMS it is mandatory to update our-self in

  1. Communication
  2. Organisation chart
  3. Authority and responsibility
  4. Tracking of performance
  5. Statuary and reg complacencies.
  6. Accountability
  7. NC tracking
5) Over all profitability

  1. Revenue generation Billing schedule: to Up keep the project schedule and optimum funding  in the system.
  2. Control on retrieval: ultimate utilisation of available resources.
  3. Min turn over capital and  Control on  over heads :: For ensuring the profitability.