Customer Focus

1) Controls of Company in respect of

  1. Implementation of Promises’: The company determination in keeping up the promises of any kind with customer.
  2. Completion schedules: Time is the essence of biasness delivery of the product with optimum time. 
  3. Clarity in financial deals: Company desire in maintaining transparency and updating the end-user for maximum benefits.
2) Transparency

  1. About quality ass doc: any sort of lapses in the product end user should be communicated and convinced about guarantee  of desired services
  2. Hidden rates and quantity: There must not be any sort of charges leaved in excess to end users.
  3. Communications about NC: Any sort of Major Non compliances are to be communicated in respect of product.   
3) Hospitality : Company should Own the procedures and Process  in making customer friendly in

  1. At 1st meeting
  2. Successive visits
  3. Handing over time.
  4. Post occupation.

For updating  the company Quality policy

4) Documentation Company should Own the procedures and Process  in making Documentation for

  1. Tracking of personal details
  2. keeping link
  3. awareness programs

To update the said procedures in system.