Quality Management System  ISO 9001-2008:
Is an international standard formulated for control of quality management system by a body international organization for standards consisting of 200 members from 140 countries. In ancient history at first and Second World War German kings realized death caused due to failure of equipments and weapons is in higher side, hence they constituted a team of engineers for inspection and certification. In 1980, the globalization of business in most of the countries has created a threat, because of enormous number of standards for each countries was leading the business in confusion of the standards to be followed as the product was put in market multiple countries. In this juncture IOS has started for finding a common solution.
They understood any business must have customer, customer requirement, realization of customer’s requirement, and production of the product ending with customer satisfaction. They have given all the liberty to the manufacturers to declare moralities and standards follow in production of the product by declaring their quality in manual.
Quality manual consists of profile of the company, organization details, and quality policy of the company, process to be followed from product realization to the customer satisfaction, audit procedures for checking the adherence of the processes, corrective and preventive action and management efforts to update the quality management system.
In the Civil industries we use to take the control by monitoring
  1. Quality Management System 
  2. Field Safety Plan
  3. Product Conformity. 
  4. Inspection of Incoming material
  5. Human Resoures 
  6. Project Management
  7. Material Reconciliation