Quantity analyses

  1. Standard rate of Comp : for maintaining the clarity and uniformity in Dealing of the company.
  2. Estimates : For assessing the actual value of the job performed by company.
  3. Rate analyses: Nabies / CPWD / Dt PWD : for updating the company basic rates to national standards.
  4. Extra items and Quantities : to avoid the losses in company by executing beyond the scope of contracts.
Contracts Existing

  1. WO / MOU/ Argument Sub contractors WO: To keep the written documentation before start of any job by the company. 
  2. Registration and Validation of vendors: to standardise the deal of the company to declared  standards.
  3. Contract file Doc: Effective documentations for effective QMS in order .
New projects for enhancing the future scope of expansion of the company dealing the following activities are to be kept under track:

  1. Data base of new projects
  2. Quotations:
  3. Root cause CA PA in fails
  4. Efficiency and contacts
Billing  : For Quantifying the  job executed by the company and Documentation and payment of the same it is mandatory to maintain said procedures

  1. Quantities check with estimate
  2. Bill raised by Vendors
  3. Complacence with WO
  4. Payment procedures  and Competent Authority  approval
  5. Track of receipt of bill and payment date.
Finance : For keeping the discipline in the company financial deal it is mandatory to maintain said procedures

  1. Fund Requirment.
  2. Budgetary allocation
  3. Adherences to directions
  4. Cresses Management .