• Q M S : Management should ensure  Quality Management System in order by Analyzing the existing patron of working  and with required  changes  and posses its own  Quality manual in line with ISO 9001 -2008 guideline. And further to be monitoring the same time to time by proper adequacy of the said system.
  • Logical approach: Company should assure the logical approach in all its deal.
  • Selection of basic materials: Company should  standardise the quality of required material in order to product  requisites and necessary process are to be adopted in that direction .
  • The competence of the workers / staff / management personal l put on the job should  be ensured to the tune of requirment for completion of product.  And time to time training program should be arranged to update knowledge.
  • Fiancé: for any project Finance is as good as in human body at least in the tune of  15 to 20 % of the total cost of the project for in time completion .
  • Product conformity: Company should ensure the said quality of the product by various level inspections , Third party auditing in respect of on site and should own the system for other lab testing’s / third party lab testing in respect of Destructive and non destructive methods .